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Also known as Maripi, María Luisa Benavides is from San José, Costa Rica. Since 2012, she has lived in Maryland, USA with her family. 

Back in Costa Rica, Maripi studied Architectural Drawing at the Colegio Vocacional Monseñor Sanabria in Desamparados with a special interest in scale models and presentation sheets, which required great attention to detail and precision. Later on, she worked for eleven years in a construction company, creating the blueprints of buildings, houses, and bridges. During this period, the artist took private lessons in her workplace to learn how to paint with acrylics. 

In 2017, she decided to start painting again, first with watercolor. Nevertheless, she found her passion in painting colorful mandalas using acrylic paint and canvas. Today, she enjoys creating her original designs, which feature vivid colors and intricate designs. 

Her mandalas are oftentimes inspired by her home country Costa Rica. For instance, she includes designs that resemble the biodiversity of this country as well as various cultural elements such as the traditional Costa Rican oxcart.

Since July 2019, she’s been a member of Wheaton Art Parade Gallery. She hopes that through her mandalas she can continue showcasing the beauty of her country and culture.

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